Thieving Guide![DETAILED!]

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Thieving Guide![DETAILED!]

Post  wed330 on Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:52 pm

Hey, I decided to make an advanced thieving guide, since i got 99 thieving and recorded the money gained etc... ATM i'm at ::rare so i got plenty of afk time Wink
I decided i'm going to start making some literal guides, where i use correct spelling and grammar (as much as possible:P).

I WILL be adding pictures so please be patient.
To start with go to ::skill.
First start thieving the first stall closest to the bank. (The silk stall)
You will be thieving here starting and 1 thieving, untill you reach 50 thieving.
This will take 87 thieves. At a rate of one thieve per 4.5 seconds this will take roughly 6 and a half minutes.
You will gain 4350k from this (4.35m)

Congratulations! You are now 50 thieving!
The next step is BY FAR the longest.. so prepare for a long ride.
Now that you're 50 thieving it is more efficient for both experience and money, for you to start thieving at the silver stall.
It will take a WHOPPING 767 thieves from this one stall to get the 80 thieving needed for the next stall..As i said prepare for a long ride. You recieve 100k per thieve so you will obtain 76.7m from this one stall...At a rate of 1 thieve per 4.5 seconds this will take you roughly 57 and a half minutes. Yes around an hour at this one stall...

Congratualtions!! You've completed the longest stretch! Be proud! You can now move on to the final stall! The gem stall! Which gives 150k per thieve! This will take you 162 thieves at this stall! Thats a tiny fraction of the last stall! This will get you another 24.3m!
At a rate of one thieve per 4.5 seconds that is roughly 12.5 minutes!
Finished it?
Congratulations! You're now a thieving master!
To obtain the skill cape go to the shops northwest of ::home Trade with Bob and buy the thieving cape!

In total at 1 thieve per 4.5 seconds it will take about 1 hour 20 minutes, not bad,eh?

I'm still proof checking this guide and going to take pictures when i finally get a drop at rare.. So please remain patient. Feel free to reply with your comments, although please don't flame, i will try to make this as clear as possible!

Please reply saying incase there's anything you want me to add/change.
Thanks for reading


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